30% off selected items and more, starting 15 Oct

There is no condition for the sale order apart from minimum purchase of 2 items. That is just any two items from the shop. 

Sale starts with 180 items but this will increase as it goes, I will try to add more items, also later maybe further increase the discount. 

There is no end date set yet, but it will be announced a few days beforehand.

Updates on the sale will be added here.


[UPDATE: 17 Oct]

Somehow the Sale function wasn't working correctly, hence the sale is halted. Totally embarrasing and very sorry for this hitch!

Will update tomorrow.

[UPDATE: 18 Oct]

Worked out that the Sale will run OK if scheduled to start immediately. So I will get to it to resume later today. 

The Sale items are not highlited but will show two prices. Item selection will continue to increase next week, and maybe later with more reduction.

[UPDATE: 20 Oct]

10 items added