Thank you very much for visiting my shop in times of global crisis.

There are some temporary changes in the way we operate:


Dispatch time

This used to be 1-2 business days, now 1-5 business days (ie once a week).

Usually on Thursday or Friday (NZ time, about half day ahead of GMT)

  • Updated 23 May - now dispatch time is 1-3 business days, Mon-Thu 


Delivery time

This used to be 10 days to 2 weeks worldwide, now it's very hard to be precise but there will be a huge delay. Please expect one month, maybe longer.

  • We would like to receive feedback on delivery time for dispatched orders. 15% Off coupon code will be sent for customers who kindly let us know when the order is received. Please help us, thank you!

Actual delivery time by customer feedback (looking better than expected, so far!)

  • Hong Kong - 15 days, standard airmail (received 15 May)
  • US (WV) - 18 days, standard airmail (received 23 May)
  • US (FL) - 19 days, standard airmail (received 24 May)
  • US (NC) - 25 days, standard airmail (received 29 May)
  • UK - 12 days, standard airmail (received 27 May)


Shipping upgrade

Standard letter post airmail doesn't offer tracking/insurance.

There are two upgrades available:

Air Parcel - insured without tracking

EMS - insured and tracked, the fastest option

  • Please note: NZ Post says EMS takes priority in handling, so there may be a backlog of Air Parcel to be sorted, delaying further.


Shipping country

Due to flight reduction and local situation, only a limited number of countries are deliverable at the moment: 

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • UK
  • US
  • Austria - updated 27 May
  • Denmark - updated 27 May
  • Finland - updated 27 May
  • France - updated 27 May
  • Hungary - updated 27 May
  • Italy - updated 27 May
  • Macau - updated 27 May
  • Poland - updated 27 May
  • Singapore - updated 27 May
  • Spain - updated 27 May
  • Sweden - updated 27 May
  • Taiwan - updated 27 May


Currently undeliverable

We are waiting for changes in postal situation for these countries:

  • Norway - updated 7 May
  • The Netherlands - updated 27 May

If your country is not included in either list but would like to place an order, please contact us.


No new stock arrivals

Currently no postal service available from Japan, which means there won't be any new stock arrivals until the situation improves. You are still welcome to send us any requests, but at the moment we can't confirm the delivery date.


Please stay safe & be kind

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