About Puppetonachain✣ Chirashi

Welcome to my specialist hobby shop! History starts with my old eBay id Puppetonachain, grew fold of the name and been carrying it ever since. More of an enthusiast's showcase than a business, it is a pleasure to share these with fellow chirashi fans or cinephiles new to chirashi.

I love what I am selling and do take care to provide the highest standard of service.
Besides, I am bilingual in English and Japanese. Which means I can provide information about the item far more accurately than non-Japanese speakers (especially the important print year.) Also I have means to source a wide variety of titles by request.

✣ ABOUT " C H I R A S H I "
This shop specialises in Japanese chirashi (chee-ra-shee) film posters.
Chirashi posters are collectable small prints issued for the purpose of promoting the film, or large film flyer, usually the same design the theatrical poster.  
Standard chirashi poster is printed on boths sides, the front with the design and the reverse with the film details. What is special about these little posters is that they are limited prints from the time of the film's release - a piece of history - and never reproduced. 

Its compact size (standard size 26x19 cm, about 10x8 inches) makes it ideal for building collections. It has been a very popular hobby in Japan for decades. Chirashi collectors are rapidly growing in numbers worldwide. It's just like collecting theatrical film posters without the bulk and cost! 

You can build your collection of your favourite actors, directors or genre. 
Or purely on the strength of its design. Possibilities are endless! Do send us your requests for unlisted items, or suggestions. 

If you'd like to retain the value of your chirashi, it is recommended not to pin it or use blutack, no folding etc.- But please enjoy this little piece of memorabilia in your own way. It will make a lovely original gift, too! 

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