Did you find what you were looking for? 

Just send us a list and see what we can find for you!


Where to send your wants lists:

  • Contact Us page is the preferred option
  • Messages on Etsy (id Puppetonachain) is also good 
  • You can also email us (to be found at Contact Us) 
  • Contacting via social media could cause significant delay in replying (sorry, not an ardent user :P)


Details we'd like to know:

  • Film titles - It will have to be a cinema-released film, not video-only or streaming-only titles, due to the nature of Chirashi prints being a cinema promotional material. 
  • You can also just send us names of your favourite directors/actors, if you are keen to have anything related.
  • Requests for sold-out items also welcome. 


Do you know what you are after specifically?

  • Details of the wanted version (design) will be appreciated, to help us save time in research. Likewise, please let us know what you already own if you are only looking for the other versions of the same title. 



  • Prices start at the standard NZ$6.50, there is no extra charge for the special order. Prices will be discussed before proceeding with the order. 
  • Deposit is not required for previous customers. There may be some deposit required if you are a first-time customer and ordering many or expensive items.


Delivery estimate:

  • All items are sourced in Japan, shipped to New Zealand for inspection and shipping. Since we'd like to provide items in good condition, this inspection is necessary for us, so we don't ship directly from Japan. This will take 4 weeks at the quickest, depending on the order timing. Then shipping to your country will take 2 to 4 weeks on top of that. If you have a date you need them for gifting, please mention it when making enquiry.



Please honour your purchase after confirming. If you are not sure if you'd purchase the item, then please mention it when making enquiry. Honesty matters! We might still order the items for you if they look interesting for us, so all your requests are appreciated in any case. Thank you very much :)



Image: Mourning Forest (Japan, 2007)